Scott I. Chase

posted Oct 14, 2009 11:51 PM by Dwayne Holst   [ updated Mar 25, 2012 3:40 PM ]

I highly recommend Dwayne Holst as a candidate for employment. Dwayne worked at Synopsys from 2000-2012 as a Staff Corporate Applications Engineer for our Analog and Mixed Signal Group, where he had  responsibilities for working with R&D on product definition as well as working externally on marketing, deployment and customer care at a variety of key accounts.

Dwayne is a tremendous asset on any team of which he is a part. As the technical lead for Synopsys’ Custom Design Group, I have had the opportunity to work with Dwayne over the years on both new product development and as part of the team supporting one of our key customer engagements. He is experienced, capable and articulate. To a solid set of applications engineering skills, he adds the people skills needed to be highly effective as part of a project team.

Dwayne has solid domain knowledge in several areas of EDA. He was one of a small group of domain experts who worked with me on the original design and specification of Custom Designer, Synopsys’ new custom and analog/mixed signal design platform. Dwayne quickly earned the respect of our engineering team, including both our architects in North America and our implementation teams overseas.

Dwayne has more recently been working as the CAE supporting WaveView, our waveform view and simulation post-processing tool. In that capacity, he has worked on some of our toughest customer engagements and helped us to win key business by solving customer problems in the field and advocating clearly for his customers with R&D.

If you have any further questions with regard to Dwayne’s background or qualifications, please do not hesitate to call me.


/Scott I. Chase/


Michelle Garrison

posted Oct 14, 2009 11:50 PM by Dwayne Holst   [ updated 2 hours ago ]

To whom it may concern,

Dwayne Holst worked directly for me for over four years.  During that period of time, he was a Corporate Applications Engineer (CAE) at Synopsys.   The CAE role requires a great deal of interaction with customers, R&D developers and marketing individuals.  Dwayne’s interests and strengths were always in the area of customer interaction.  He was extremely effective at creating leveraged material to drive customer adoption and awareness in our products.  For example, Dwayne recorded various product demonstrations that showed customers how to use the product and entice them to use more of the product features.  These videos were used in Webinars, trade shows, customer visits and downloadable by users to aid in product learning.  Dwayne has a highly effective presentation style, one that exceeded that of his peers.   Dwayne is very creative.  His ideas and approaches often showed his ability to think out of the box.   When the product team faced a new product launch without a marketing person, Dwayne stepped up to develop messaging, positioning and created materials that would help propagate the product through our sales channel.  Dwayne played a key role in managing product release activity.  Based on Dwayne’s experience and strengths, I would not hesitate to hire him for any position related to Marketing, Product Management or Technical Support.


Michelle Garrison

Senior Director, Corporate Application Engineering


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